This is Dave Hansen, of Rolling Thunder Chapter 3, NY. I want to thank you for your participation in the end-point festivities of our poker run to benefit severely-wounded Marine Sgt. Eddie Ryan, which was held on August 27th, 2006. Your performance was more than we’d hoped for, and, at the end of the day, and since then, everyone has raved about you, saying we were so lucky to have gotten someone of your caliber of talent and ability to provide us with our entertainment for the day.

It was just by chance that one of our members bumped into you one morning, more than 3 months before our event, and struck up a conversation with you about our plans to do a benefit run for Sgt. Ryan. Your expression of support for our troops was immediate, and you offered to be the entertainment for the day right then and there. We were very impressed that you regularly followed up to check on our progress for the event, and let us know that you still intended on being there . . . because the event was so distant in time from when you said you’d attend, we were a little fearful that you’d cancel, or maybe even forget. But you stayed with us as we struggled to finalize all of the details of our planning for the run, and we were even more impressed when, on the 27th, you showed up early, had your equipment set up inside our open-air pavilion, and started playing music for our members as WE were setting up! The fact that it rained, no, it poured, all day long, made no difference to you as you played exactly the type of music we asked, and you were flexible enough to play the music for the line-dancing group that provided additional entertainment for our guests, AND hand your microphone off to whomever needed it to make whatever announcements were necessary. When, later in the afternoon, I was spontaneously tasked with auctioning off items in order to raise additional funds for Sgt. Ryan, you graciously let me have the microphone, to be the ‘auctioneer’, for almost an hour and a half, during which time we raised an additional $1,300 to give to the family.

You showed your professionalism again as the event broke up . . . you kept playing music for our clean-up crew, right up to the time that everyone was finishing by putting away the final tools and other event items into their cars and trucks. The entire day was made fun and memorable for numerous reasons, and your being there was one of the biggest
that we can think of.

Again, our thanks to you for your time and your efforts . . . we’ll be letting everyone who asks for a DJ recommendation know about your super performance that day, and you can be sure that we’ll be calling YOU FIRST, whenever we need someone of your talents again!


Dave Hansen
Rolling Thunder Ch.3 NY

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