50th Birthday Party – Brooklyn, NY

J & R Entertainment

Mr. Joseph Wells:

My family and I would like to thank you for bringing your professionalism and expertise to my event on December 20, 2008.

On a stormy weekend in Brooklyn, New York at the Awaaba Mansion where I celebrated my 50th birthday, you and your professional crew brought a true sense of professionalism in your field as a Disc Jockey. The music that was played and your immense collection of sounds helped to make a cold night in December so much warmer, and an event that will be fondly remembered by my family and friends.

The timeliness of the music that was played, your equipment and the
manner in which you assembled and set up your equipment are just some
of the reasons why you and your company convey the professionalism and
courtesy necessary for success in your field.

Good luck in your future endeavors and thank you for being part of a
special night.


Laurence Henry


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